From Homeless to "Champion for Changed Lives"

By AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA, MA

There have been two times in my life when my world got turned upside down. I was penniless and homeless and the prospect of "tomorrow" seemed dismal, dark and disastrous. Both times I felt lonely, hurt and was in a fog not knowing where to turn. 

After many hours and many tears, and in both cases having lost everything, I realized something. I realized that I had been feeling sorry for myself, which I had a right to do, but at some point I had to make a plan to dig myself out of the hole. I decided right then to take a deep breath, pray and plan my way out of my depths of despair.

I did not like being without a home and job, and I had to do what I could to change this circumstance, especially for my children who depended on me. So, I prayed and while praying I was directed in prayer to visualize having a job and a home and then visualized people with resources helping me with what I needed. It wasn't long after that moment I had a place to live for me and my kids and was job hunting, which eventually helped me land not one but two job positions. 

Fast forward to the present day, and I am still working hard, but not just for me and my family, but to make a difference for other people, especially my brothers and sisters who are in the military and those retired from the military and their spouses. I designed work programs aimed at teaching people how to seek, find, apply, get and keep legitimate online, work-at-home jobs. I know how to tell the legitimate jobs from the scams. I have been earning an income and extra income working at home since 2002. 

There are literally 1000s of legitimate work at home jobs in various job sectors in customer service, data input/management, accounting, insurance, sales, online chat, online education (teaching and tutoring), just to name a few. There are companies hiring work at home full time, part time and flex time. There are also mini-jobs people can do to earn money instantly. For more information about these work at home job opportunities go to the website:

I have also entered into a project to hire military veterans with ConnectionsP2B. This is a member LLC, answering service taking care of calls, texts and emails on behalf of small businesses, and as an answering service to keep people safe as their "guardian angels." This program is 

only for military members and their spouses. This program allows a member to work and be monetarily rewarded for the amount of effort made to solicit and service small businesses and people. There is also a leadership development program in ConnectionsP2B for greater responsibility and greater monetary rewards. For more information about this membership work program, go to the website:

When life sucked for me, which was twice in my lifetime, I worked hard to make life better. It took time, patience and resources. I offer these work resources with the Work at Home Jobs Online and ConnectionsP2B work programs to those who might be interested. My strength to get through those "sucky" times was by praying and with my faith in God believing that He cares for me and will help me. There were some amazing people and the appointments to see them that came about to help me that were "divine appointments;" I know they were sent to me by God. So, keep praying, don't lose faith and "keep on keeping on" will get better. Get with me if I can be a help and resource for your circumstances. I am living the rest of my life as a "Champion for Changed Lives."