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The battle for many American heroes continues for years after returning home.  Too often these burdens cause our returning warriors depression, anxiety, financial struggles and marriage problems.  WLS Foundation is made up of veterans who have experienced first-hand the devastating consequences of trauma, along with supporters dedicated to improving the lives of our veterans .  We have a great appreciation for the service and sacrifices that veterans and families have endured to fight terrorism, preserve freedom, and protect democracy.  We know that this has come at a great price and we want veterans and their family members to know that they have someone in their corner. 



  • Over 2.7 million veterans have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 2.6 million served in Vietnam.  
  • Although mental health professionals think the number is much higher, it has been estimated that 20% of veterans have PTSD and/or Depression, over 540,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.  
  • 260,000 veterans have been diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • On average, 22 Veterans a day die by suicide 
  • Divorce rates for veterans are double that of veterans without PTSD.


WLS Foundation exists to strengthen veterans and their families in the fight to heal from trauma and live well.


  • Through the generous donations of individuals, corporations and grants
  • Offering non-clinical services that make life better
  • By hosting outreach events
  • Creating a community of support
“An average of 22 veterans a day die by suicide! This is an astonishing and unacceptable number! I joined the WLS Board after witnessing firsthand the great work being done in local communities with at-risk veterans and their families. We are committed to making a difference.”
— SGM J. Mitchell Cole, Retired
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Our Services

Nature therapy

Medical professionals will tell you that time spent outdoors will foster mental and physical health.  WLS Foundation believes strongly in this concept and has developed a number of non-clinical outdoor recreation events for veterans and their families.  Through one-on-one outings, veteran-only workshops and multi-family retreats, WLS Foundation provides “no cost” outdoor recreation opportunities to engage the healing power of the Great Outdoors. 

veteran outreach

The WLS “Never Forgotten” program serves veterans of all ages through nursing home visits, meal delivery services and a variety of events to show veterans they are valued, loved and never forgotten.  Community volunteers are critical for this WLS program. 


navigation SERVICES

From financial planning to legal services and employment counseling, WLS Foundation has a strong network of partners available to service the individual needs of each veteran.  WLS helps to navigate through the system to find the partners to best serve the distinct needs of each veteran, thus providing a greater holistic and person-centered approach to care.  This assistance is designed to connect them with the resources necessary to promote financial and emotional stability.   Services include, but are not limited to:   financial planning, home loans, legal services, employment counseling, equine therapy, service dogs, drug rehabilitation and more. 



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When my son died by suicide from PTSD over 2 years ago, I wanted to help other veterans be healed and live well. I started pet sitting after Daniel died and I donate the money to WLS Foundation so they have the resources to help others and reduce the number of suicides. It is my purpose in life to now honor Daniel and help other veterans.
— Kathy Williams, mother of TSgt Daniel Swaney


We are here to help

People often underestimate or minimize the effects of trauma.  It impacts multiple areas of life to include thoughts, emotions, spirituality, physical health, relationships, finances and job performance.   The secondary consequences of trauma are significant and wear down your ability to deal with stress over time.  It can leave you feeling trapped, hopeless, anxious or depressed.  You may think that you are too good, professional or tough to experience what you are going through, but the reality is it has nothing to do with that.  It is a lie that prevents recovery and healing.   If you are encountering any of the following signs know that there are people who care and resources that matter.

  • suicidal thoughts
  • continual sadness 
  • mood swings 
  • loss of energy, fatigue 
  • edgy, impatient, anxious 
  • difficulty sleeping or sleeping all the time
  • isolation or withdrawal from family, friends, community and church
  • financial challenges 
  • impaired sexual function 
  • lack of purpose or self-worth 
  • loss of interest in things you care about
  • no longer care about the way you look or feel

Please contact us for more information on veteran services or if you are interested in being a volunteer for any of our programs.  

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