Find the Strength

When life sucks and you have not the strength to carry on and carry forth, let others carry you.  Don’t think you can pull out of a bad situation on your own. I am very thankful for the people that came across my path and helped me in times of trouble and distress. Even though at the time I felt embarrassed, sad, mad, and particularly vulnerable, I swallowed my pride and gratefully accepted their help.

I know the feelings associated with not having things go your way. Losing a job, losing a loved one, losing a home due to flood or tornado, or even just being in the wrong place at the wrong time and now facing unpleasant consequences can pull you down.  But in times such as this, there is help. There are people and resources to provide you with information that you, and you alone has to take action.

But where do you get the strength to take action? From deep within your being; there is a ton of strength within you.  Look for it and believe it’s there for you to use. There are different ways to go about that. One way is to remember a time when “life sucked” and you made it through. Guess what? You can make it through again! Another way is to look around you. You are surrounded by people who are going through various degrees of challenges. Let’s face it, life itself is full of moments when you are doing well, and when you are not doing so well. But, rest assured both of these types of moments are temporary, which means when life sucks, it doesn’t suck forever!

Another way to find the strength to overcome life’s obstacles is to reach out. To do that you need to first recognize that the problem you are facing is not insurmountable and can be overcome with the proper information and resources. Next, ask for help from those places and people who have access to what you need. Then do whatever you need to do to make things better using the information and resources these places and people give to you.

Help is there for you and with your strength that resides deep within you, reach out for help and follow up with action. For it is the action you take today that can make it a better tomorrow!


AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA, MA