Our Story 

WhenLifeSucks.org is made up of a group of veterans who have experienced first hand the devastating consequences of trauma. They have committed their lives to sharing the comfort, support, and care they have received with others who are experiencing the effects of great adversity.  


WhenLifeSucks.org exists to strengthen veterans and their families in the fight to heal from trauma and live well.  

We are on point to:

  • Restore people to live well in spite of adversity 
  • Renew energy, peace of mind, strength, and vitality 
  • Promote health and economic stability (prevent secondary consequences of stress) 
  • Honor veterans and promote service to America
  • Support veteran business development
  • Refresh the spirit regardless of faith or no faith
  • Share healing resources
  • Create a platform for people to share healing stories and inspire others 
  • Encourage people to become part of a supportive community 
  • Develop a network for support (doctors, counselors, churches, nonprofits)

Our Services Include:

  • Traumatic stress recovery coaching and education
  • Confidential holistic wellness coaching
  • Assessments for how real life affects the body 
  • Retreats in the outdoors that engage an active lifestyle

How our mission is achieved:

  • Through the generous donations of caring people
  • Offering services that make life better
  • By hosting WhenLifeSucks.org outreach events
  • Through online courses to educate and inspire healing