It's the little things that help make a difference

When you choose to financially support, 100% of the proceeds go to provide restorative care and holistic wellness coaching for military veterans and their families. You have the ability to make a real difference in someone's life. 

Almost everybody experiences trauma at some point in life (death of a loved one, financial loss, crime, abuse, violence, divorce, accidents, health crisis, and natural disaster etc.)  It is normal to experience intense emotions in response to adversity.  However, persistent stress or exposure to traumatic events depletes the body’s resources and increases vulnerability to further injury and suffering.

By supporting you are being a force for good. You take an active part in eliminating the secondary consequences of traumatic stress that make people more susceptible to illness, accidents, financial instability, and choices that pile stress on stress.

Our training and functional coaching is focused on improving the quality of life for veterans and their families. Our restorative care helps people to have more energy, make better decisions, create peace of mind, reverse lifestyle diseases, work safer, and improve job performance.  

Challenges that veterans face:  

  • Over 2.7 million veterans have served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 2.6 million served in Vietnam.  
  • Although mental health professionals think the number is much higher, it has been estimated that 20% of veterans have PTSD and/or Depression, over 540,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.  
  • 260,000 veterans have been diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • On average, 22 Veterans commit suicides a day  
  • Divorce rates for veterans are double that of veterans without PTSD.  

how you can help 

Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that at least 50% of veterans don’t seek treatment!   Even more alarming is the number of family members that don’t don’t have access to care or know where to turn.  A number of studies confirm that when a veteran has PTSD that it negatively impacts the family resulting in marital problems, separation/divorce, sexual dysfunction, verbal aggression, higher rates of family violence, and financial stress.  

We have a great appreciation for the service and sacrifices that veterans and families have endured to fight terrorism, preserve freedom, and protect democracy.  We know that this has come at a great price and we want veterans and their family members to know that they have someone in their corner.  We appreciate you joining the effort to serve those who have served the country.  When you begin shopping at, 100% of the profits go towards helping veterans and their families. So please don't hesitate to share this link with others and help us with our cause.