Strengthen Stress Response & Recovery

We utilize the same advanced technology and analysis that elite athletes rely on to optimize stress response, recovery, and performance.  We are not a mental health or medical institution. However, we are able to provide valuable insight into how lifestyle, choices and responses affect your body and what you can do to generate health promoting physiology.  Although we can't promise a "cure" for stress related diseases, we can help you discover what will make you stronger in the fight.  

Our holistic coaching focuses on engaging lifestyle factors that:

  • boost energy
  • improve stress response
  • enhance fitness, healthy nutrition, and sleep quality
  • generate constructive thoughts and emotions
  • strengthen faith and lift the spirit 
  • build strong relationships
  • restore sexual function and intimacy 

Learn more about what is possible...  

The image below contains a 24 hour analysis of a person experiencing the negative consequences of traumatic stress.  All our measurements are anonymous, however we will refer to the person in the case study as "Joe".  

The red bars indicate where the body is in a dominant state of stress, and green bars show an increased state of recovery. Recovery is where the body regenerates, repairs and reenergizes itself.  In the beginning Joe consistently experienced "More than usual" stress reactions and a low amount of recovery. When we are in persistent state of stress, the body's resources are depleted and we are more susceptible to further injuries, illness, and accidents.  Notice that during sleep from 11pm to 6 that Joe has strong stress reactions (red) until 2am.   Even though he is sleeping his body is still producing high amounts of stress hormones.  This leads to fatigue, burnout, chronic inflammation and sickness.  The question that people often ask is "can you do anything about it?"  Keep scrolling to see the impact of how simple lifestyle factors create a positive effect.    

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Intensional healthy activities can make a significant difference even in a short amount of time.  Joe engaged factors that dramatically improved his overall stress response.  Light exercise, relaxation, breathing exercises, engaging positive emotions, prayer/meditation, social support, and consuming less than 2 units of alcohol created a positive collective impact.  Joe increased the amount of 24 hour recovery from 17 to 35%, nearly doubled his sleep quality (18 to 35ms), and increased the share of recovery during sleep from 54 to 81%.  A change in physiology like this goes a long way towards feeling better, bolstering resilience, and promoting healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

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